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12 definitions by dick wright-upham

Pussy, vagina.
Did you see the photo of Britney Spears going commando? You could see her nunny!
by Dick Wright-Upham November 11, 2010
Noun. A boring, humourless person.
Who was that boring prat you were with yesterday? He was a real fun sponge!
by Dick Wright-Upham December 06, 2010
Noun. A penis. Variant of 'todger'
The poor kid got his wee tadger caught in the zipper of his pants!
by Dick Wright-Upham November 17, 2010
Noun. Another term for a penis.
She was keen enough to play hide the sausage until she saw the size of Bob's jaloopie!
by Dick Wright-Upham November 14, 2010
Verb. Meaning to gorge like a glutton, to pig out on vast quantities of junk food.
The two obese couch potatoes were chawning on pizza and beer in front of the TV.
by Dick Wright-Upham November 23, 2010
Nonsense, bullshit or lies. What politicians often say.
"With regard to your claim to be a national of Afghanistan, the Secretary of State thinks that this is a pile of pants."
by Dick Wright-Upham November 30, 2010
(or banchoot). British military slang from the time British troops served in India. Corruption of "bahine ka chut" which means "sister's cunt" in Hindi. Abusive term for a person one does not like.
I'm not coming if you've invited that barnshoot!
by Dick Wright-Upham January 06, 2011