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Only the crunkest part of Dallas!!! Also called the OC.
Me: the OC is so crunk!
Cali Loser: yea, california is like totally awesome!
Me: Loser, that's Oak Cliff!
by Diana Stephens September 26, 2004
To do something everyone else is doing, just because everyone else is doing it. See conformist
Some dude: Look, I'm going to jump off this bridge! Everyone is! Even Betty! C'mon Jeff, join us!

Jeff the Conformist: Well since everyone else is, I s'pose I will too!
by Diana Stephens October 31, 2004
A mechanical device used to play music CDs. Recently, their numbers have been diminishing as the population of ipods and mp3 players grow. These digital music devices may be awesome, but CD players will always be a classic (but not a big of a classic as casset/tape players, because those are REALLY a classic when it comes to portable music devices). When used during school, teachers often take them up, even though there is scientific evidence that music aids in the learning process (i think).
Jennifer: Hey, do you have your CD player with you? I wanna listen to that Oasis CD.

Hannah: Naw, Mr. Williams took it up during 3rd period.

Jennifer: Man, that sucks.
by Diana Stephens May 20, 2005
1. Evaporating readily at normal temperatures and pressures.

2. That can be readily vaporized.

3. Tending to violence; explosive, as of behavior.
1. Although mercury doesn't evaporate at normal temperatures, some would call it volatile, since it is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.

2. Water is quite volatile, since I can vaporize it whenever I want.

3. When I got into an argument with my friend, Brian, I became quite volatile.
by Diana Stephens October 31, 2004
A symbiotic relationship between two organisms of different species in which one derives some benefit while the other is unaffected.
Barnacles attach themselves to the shells of crabs. The barnacles recieve a home and transportation.
by Diana Stephens February 14, 2005
A symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.
Clownfish live among the poisonous tentacles of a sea anemone. The clownfish are protected from predators, and they keep the sea anemone clean.
by Diana Stephens February 14, 2005
adj : used of organisms (especially of different species) living together but not necessarily in a relationship beneficial to each
Small mites living on your skin, eating dead skin cells would be an example of a symbiotic relationship.
by Diana Stephens February 14, 2005
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