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a religion made up out of thin air by a guy named joseph smith. he prolly though he was gonna go to hell because he got shitfaced or something so he decided to fuck up the world as much as possible, which is why christians should have made more layers of hell when they made up their religion. that or he was always high and or hallucinated. so basically he claimed to get a bunch of visits from jesus and god. which anyone with an iq above 60 could tell he didnt. so he then translated these plates he got from the ground and magically read them behind a curtain and wouldnt allow anyone to see them. so he created a church which got a shitload of fallowers. so then some sane person shot him in the face in a desperate attempt to stop the attack of the shitfaced retards. they then moved to utah and massacured a lot of people who went there. then they created one of the most epic fantasy novels ever, the book of mormons. then they hijacked the boyscouts and kicked out all gays women athiests wiccans, people who believe in multiple gods and jews that they could find. they also buy the sidewalks in front of their church and routinely beat up gays on them for "tresspassing"

hence the story of the mormans
hey look 2 gays on our mormon sidewalk we didnt tell the public we own lets go beat them up for "tresspassing"
by dhibvasbf;adjsfkadhnsjbdgscjkh January 18, 2010

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