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Depressed, appearing dejected
"She looks doomed out, what happened?"
"Her dog was run over"
by dfk November 14, 2004
A level of intoxication most commonoly associtated with blacking out or breaking things. Originated in the town of potsdam from a three member group of students, Durki Farney Kitto, whom would always display the behavior after drinking lots of natty keg beer.
"dude we totally DFKed joes chair last night what are we gonna do with all the pieces"
"I totally DFKed at the bar last night and woke up with no cloths on"
"lets get DFKed tonight"
by dfk December 16, 2004
An action when someone is annoying you while also lying to you.
Geez, stop annolying me, I know it's a lie and it's not funny.
by DFK August 30, 2014

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