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A cross between an apple computer, a large fry from McDonalds and an automatic vaccum cleaner from the late 70s.
Arent the advertising divisions of those companies so brilliant for coming up with great names for their products such as iMc-O-matic?
by dfault June 29, 2004
One who is enchanted with blowing people up with grenades in Halo. Also, one who is obsessed with Halo.
Fritz and Tim are such o'halochardems. Have they done anything besides play Halo for the last 48 hours?
by dfault June 29, 2004
Reccomended medication for fatigue. Very similar to chocolate fudge, but comes in large, free samples.
Im so stressed out from that workout, I need some faitudge.
by dfault June 29, 2004
A place that exists in order to
train up a resistance against today's youth culture. It is a place, full
of truth, where you can find safety from the world and passion for God.

The ministry statement of the Underground is:

we are compelled
to expose our generation to Christ, connect with them, exalt God
together, and sharpen each other to impact all generations.

Brent: Hey, are you going to the Underground on Wednesday?
Joey: Of course!
by dfault June 29, 2004

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