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(verb): an slang word meaning "methamphetamine" used in various, certain, and/or specific circles of users of the drug methamphetamine; although it is not one of the more commonly used slag terms. The most common slang name(s) for methamphetamine are: crystal, cystal-meth, speed(*althougth the word speed is often used as slang for other stimulant-like drugs such as "Ritalin"(methylphenidate), "Adderall"(<a combination of different "amphetamine salts">dextroamphetamine and racemic d/l-amphetamine salts)("Dexedrine" too, aka dextroamphetamine, which generally speaking is the most popularly used/abused speed pill aside from Adderall and Ritalin; which are only used by more people, legal or not, because it is easier to obtain, legal or not. "Dexedrine" is the most sought after ampthetamine "speed pill" aside from of course pure pharmacutical amphetamines/methamphetamine).
"Hey man, do you wanna do some GLITCH?"
"What's up? I got some GLITCH if you want to do some."
"I'm aching for some GLITCH man. Can you help me out"

*I do not condone the use/abuse of any drugs, and this is for informational purposes only. I simply post valuable "harm reduction" information about drugs in general, so as to avoid even one single more casuality from not only drug abuse, but drug MIS-USE. However, to stay unbiased, there IS a thing called moderation. Remember folks, the "responsibility" lies with YOU.*
by dexm December 10, 2007

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