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what the h in jesus h christ stands for
Jesus Harry Christ Dave FUCK OFF!!!
by dex January 31, 2005
Latin. From the root word "sarcasm" but with an extra "i".
You are a fucking idiot for correcting my spelling. You should go to hell and die. And then lick my nuts. NOSH.
by Dex July 31, 2004
Its a superhero that "rescures". See defintion of rescure.
What is supertoast? Who is supertoast? Where is supertoast? Why is supertoast? How is supertoast? When is supertoast?
by Dex December 30, 2004
A sweet, kind, and completely out of the norm person. Has a tendancy to stalk shy and/or feral women.
Aww! You're so sweet! What a Divid.
by dex April 15, 2004
verb:Rescure means what supertoast would do.
iamawesome258: super toast!!!!!!!
iamawesome258: DUDADALALADALA!!!!!!
iamawesome258: and yes i meant rescure
by Dex December 30, 2004
You can be only zealtodexous if you are Dex9001. You are not Dex9001.
Dex9001 is zealtodexous. I dont care about you. I am zealtodexous.
by Dex December 30, 2004
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