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Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

MFSL, now known as MoFi, is a mastering house/record company dedicated to releasing audiophile grade releases. Using original master tapes they produce high quality vinyl and 24k gold CD's containing the highest quality audio for the format. They are extremely hard to find and expensive. They are highly prized by audiophiles the world over.
"Dude, I listened to the MFSL version of Dark Side of the Moon and I completely forgot where I was for a while"
by dewdude January 14, 2009
The mixture of blood and semen that occurs when ejaculating inside a virgin vagina. This is in contrast with a strawberry creampie which occurs when a woman is on her cycle.
"Dude, you finally had sex with Kelly, how was it?"
"I got two words for you, cherry creampie."
"Oh wow, two for one, let's hope she doesn't get pregnant"
by dewdude January 14, 2009
The act of your girlfriend being pregnant; usually unintentionally.
guy: pregocity confirmed
guy2: your gf is preggers?
guy: si
guy2: crap man, any idea who the father is?
by dewdude September 09, 2010
Accidentally getting your girlfriend pregnant.
Guy 1: "Well, the girl was late and the doctor confirmed we have a pregtastrophe"
Guy 2: "Oh shit...uhm...congrats?"
by dewdude September 08, 2010

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