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A mixture of semen and menstrual blood, pinkish in color, that oozes or is expelled from the vagina and accumulates in the vaginal vestibule and upon the labia after a male has ejaculated directly into a menstruating woman's vagina.
Jack came inside Jen's cunt after fucking her bareback while she was on the rag, resulting in a strawberry creampie that Jack promptly ate to earn his redwings.
by Diane W. June 17, 2008
The act of ejaculating into a woman's vagina while she is on her period. Then eating it out.
"I ate the Strawberry Creampie that I made out of Sally last Saturday" creampie eating out eat out jizz jizzing ejaculation ejaculating ejaculate period vagina penis gross kinky
by Mike Rotchburnns November 16, 2011
When a female on her period is penetrated and receives splooge inside her vagina. The result is a strawberry cream pie that oozes out of the vagina.
Heidi proudly displayed her strawberry cream pie after Hans shot his load inside of her menstruating vagina.
by Lobstah Man2 July 10, 2010
when a man is receiving oral from his partner and right when he feels he is going to climax he punches his partner in the nose, while simultaneously pulling out and seamenating on the partners face. The blood and cum mixture will give the effect of strawberry cream!
Last night Wendy was suckin me off when i decided to give her a strawberry cream pie so i decked her in the nose right when i busted a nut on her kinda made me hungry.
by T-Bone666 October 26, 2008
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