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a ciggarette
Let me get a bogey.
by DeVonTheDucer July 26, 2003
most excellent weed grown in water not dirt
You I Got This Bag From Money Right It Was The Best Fuckin Hydro I Ever SMoked
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
taking the insides of a cigar out and filling it with weed
We Filled The Cigar With Weed Turning It Into A Gotti Otherwise Known As A Godfather
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
your phone number
Whats Up Girl, Let Me Get The Seven Digits.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
a nine millimeter gun
Ill Pop Your Top Off With The Nine.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
something u kno or shud not have to question
"We Gonna Get This Weed To Day" said Jeffery "DamnRite Nigga" replied Julius
by DeVonTheDucer July 31, 2003
to unload a clip by shooting
Yo Man I Saw Money Before Me N G Dumped On That Nigga. HaHa tru but sounds funny.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003

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