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The year that everyone will feel like a total dumbass after the world "ends" on 12/21/12
Wow, what the fuck were we thinking. It's 2013.
by devin t April 04, 2008
first year of the 90s
everyone born this year is pretty much a BAMF.
person 1: what year were you born?
person 2: 1990.
person 1: whoa, youz a bamf.
by devin t April 07, 2008
the most obnoxious song, uhm, EVER.

sung by "soulja" boy. you know, the guy that taught our generation how to "crank dat", which, in turn, lowered our iq as a whole by about twenty points.
person 1: YAH TRICK YAHHH!!
person 2: dude. no.
by devin t April 08, 2008
my second favorite word.
my favorite words are lanyard, vulva, and sphincter.
by devin t April 07, 2008
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