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skintight jeans commonly worn by 80's rockers and metalheads. Pants are so tight that you can see the dick, hence the name dickpants. Can also be refered to as brokeback pants.
"Hey John, nice jeans man. When the hell did you start wearing dickpants?"

"Went to that Twisted Sister show the other night, can't believe those guys are still wearing dickpants!"
by devillock July 23, 2006
A testicle festival. A party with too many men.
John and I went to this party but it turned out to be a testival.
by devillock June 30, 2006
low quality american beer. Or in most cases, american beer. Hell, it can be any bad beer.
damn this (insert crappy beer name) tastes like asswater.
by devillock June 30, 2006
fucking up in a professional kitchen. but like a really stupid mistake... like mistaking butter for apples.
OMFG, John cut off his hand in the robot coupe...fucking Gauntrand. What an oaf.

Who the hell cleaned this palce...probably Gauntrand...
by devillock July 01, 2006

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