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1) a predominately male gathering, usually used when referring to a party or social gathering.
2) a situation where the ratio of pimps to hos is greater than 2 to 1
3) sausage fest
"Where were all the bitches last night?! Total testicle festival."
by squirrelspank June 08, 2003
When all of the guests at a particular party are male.
Danny hoped his party would attract tons of hot local bitches, but as the night progressed it became clear that his living room had become a complete testicle festival.
by Verbal Platinum Princess April 25, 2009
A party or gathering consisting mainly of guys. Similar to sausage factory or sausage fest. Can use "test fest" for short.
John had a gig at his place, but forgot to invite chicks. Turned out to be a bona fide testicle festival.
by JJ-ATCs March 30, 2011
See "Pickle Party" - Too many guys...not enough sluts...therefore Pickle Party
ooooohhhh..i went to the 10th Reunion of Bros! Total Pickle Party, they were still pumping semen from that gay cunts stomach! ooooohhhh...
by Robert J. Melrose June 10, 2003
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