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Noun - A product either oil (don't use with latex condoms as it breaks them down) or water based that enables intercourse - particularly anal intercourse to be easier, smoother and less painful

An abbreviation of the word "lubricant", lube generally means a sexual variety of lubricant but can also indicate mechanical lubrication.

Verb - to lube - to apply lubricant to a cock, anal sphincter or machinery.

Verb version 2 - a slang form of "love" used on message boards, slash readers and members of spotrot
1. We're all out of lube! No sex without prep!

2. Lube me up...

3. I gtg byebye lube you
by destiny_is_dead July 21, 2005
just another variation of w00t or woot but slightly more sarcastic with an element of not caring and non-committal
Girl - Hey when you come over you get to meet my parents
Guy - w00tington
by destiny_is_dead July 21, 2005
Tre Cool, born Frank Edwin Wright III, is best known as the drummer of Green Day. He was in a band called the Lookouts at age 12 and was given his nickname by Lawrence Livermore - the owner of Lookout Records.

He wasn't the originl drummer for Green Day. The phrase "who the fuck is tré cool" comes from a time shortly after he joined Green Day and fans wondered who the new drummer was.

Tré has two children - Frankito and Ramona. He has been married and divorced twice.

He is the wacky member of Green Day apparently due to "all the drumming". He likes to dress up in drag hence the video for Holiday.

He has written 4 songs all by himself - Dominated Love Slave (Kerplunk), Like A Rat Does Cheese (non-album track), All By Myself (Hidden song on Dookie) and DUI (non-album track).
Quotes -
"I didn't understand what Billie just said so I'm gonna talk about chickens"

"Dogs are gonna take over the world - it's a little known fact, kinda like the Bible or something"

"I can suck my own!"

"I'm a haemophiliac, necrophiliac, I can't stop bleeding and I can't stop having sex with corpses. I exhume their graves and fiddle about"
by destiny_is_dead July 21, 2005

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