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Monkey Scrot
Oh man, have you seen that old guy, he's got a huge M.S

Jay lenno has a M.S on his face
#face #jay #leno #monkey #scrot
by desmund tootoo July 16, 2010
This happens often in remote areas austrailia, whereby there is very violent warfare between aborigines= aborigine warfare, and involves the use of weapons such as; sticks and mud bombs and pea shooters.

An Airfairer, refers to someone trying to intervene by making weird noises (e.g using a vuvuzela or home made instruments)
I heard there's a crazy Airfare going on outside melbourne, it's friggin mental, aborigine drive-bys and shootings.

Rolf Harris is such a pain in the ass Airfairer, using didereedoos to stop drive-bys, why rolf?
#rolf #harris #warfare #aborigine #shootings
by desmund tootoo July 16, 2010
When in a street fight, if you 'Shabong' your opponent first, by the laws of street fight, you automatically win. Shabong, is using a bong, to smash it around your opponents face and splats hash in their eyes.

Then you shout "Shabong!!!!!!!!!" and are crowned street champion.
Dude, i totally shabonged that guy last night, yeah you should of seen it, the bong litterally exploded in his face.

I reckon rambo should use the art of shabonging when he fights
#fights #bong #rambo #hash #art
by desmund tootoo July 16, 2010
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