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To not cause disharmony in your home life between you and your significant other.
I was going to buy a new motorcycle without talking to my wife, but I decided I didn't want no hassle in my castle.
by des_per_a_do November 16, 2010
When an individual has no money to purchase something or to pay a debt.
I would have bought everyone dinner, but I was broke as a haint.
by des_per_a_do November 26, 2010
1. To be wasting time.

2. To be slowing down one who is in a hurry. verb.
Come on let's go. Stop asslin around.
by des_per_a_do August 24, 2013
Microbet is the tiny writing on the grout that separates the tile on the bathroom wall.
I was in the restroom at work the other day, and you would not believe what someone had written in microbet on the grout between the tile on the wall. It said, for a good time go to www.urbandictionary.com.
by des_per_a_do November 19, 2011
To make something shiny.
I can't attend the symphony Saturday, because I must glosserize my vehicle.
by des_per_a_do December 05, 2010
To gain energy or power by eating M&M's.
We will play soccer shortly, but first I must get some emergy.
by des_per_a_do December 05, 2010

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