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8 Mile is actually called 8 Mile Road. It is a road in Michigan that travels east and west. It runs from roughly from I-94 all the way to the west side of metro Detroit and beyond.

It is the border line between Detroit and a number of cities such as Warren Eastpointe etc. Detroit is on the south side and the suburbs are on the north. Wayne County is on the south side, while Macomb County is on the north side.

It was called Baseline road and if you continue the road, it would eventually run through the border of Illinois and Wisconsin.

It is very blue collar, but not quite ghetto. There are blacks, whites and trailer trash all along it. It is very wide, with 4 lanes on each side, divided by an island median.

At the east end, the road splits into Vernier and this road travels into the very wealthy Grosse Pointes. Think of GP as Greenwich CT, or Beverly Hills.

Major roads traael through 8 Mile Road. They include Van Dyke, Gratiot, Woodward, Livernois, Schoenherr, and more.
the movie 8 Mile has nothing to do with the road called 8 Mile.
by Derm November 24, 2003
The baddest badass rock star of em all. Not a bad drummer either..
Driving cars into swimming pools. Blowing up hotel rooms. Walking in public naked.
by Derm November 24, 2003
A stupid black holiday that is supposed to have an "African" vibe to it. The only problem is that Kwanza was invented in california in the latter half of the 20th century.
Think of Christmas, but instead of Ham, there are baby back ribs.
by Derm November 24, 2003
Getting away with something big.
Oh man, you OJ'd that exam!
by Derm November 28, 2003
Motor oil blasted out of a person's asshole!
Anytime after someone eats Pizza Hut.
by Derm November 24, 2003
Young adults aged 15-22 that are primarliy middle-America. They drive new cars like Pontiac Grand Ams and they have huge cell-phone bills. They love to hang out at the mall, and probably attend either a shitty University or a community college. There favorite line of clothing is Abercrombie and Fitch and they love to listen to hip hop.
Take a look at all the jocks in high schools from 1998 to 2003.
by Derm November 24, 2003
A slow person, as in slow (retarded).
Oh man, you are actin like a nubby
by Derm November 28, 2003

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