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A song by Richie Hawtin, a.k.a. Platikman that mixes with just about everything.
I was hanging out at Motor when I heard sneak playing spastik over "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These"
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
A music fusing country, rock and bluegrass into a style full of energy and cynicism. Think "Reverend Horton Heat".
Horton Heat rocked that rockabilly show last night.
by Denis Baldwin September 24, 2003
Following the performance of The Shocker.

When you insert your index and middle fingers in the woman's vagina and pinky in her anus. After giving her a few good minutes of double duty finger banging, pull your fingers out and give your index and middle finger a quick sniff and pinky a good sucking, all in one smooth motion.(a.k.a. Smoking the Pinky.)
I layed that ass out and skated it, all while smoking the pinky and plowing the mound.
by Denis Baldwin December 19, 2003
Acronym for the North American Internation Auto Show, held in Detroit every year.
I was going to check out the new viper at the NAIAS.
by Denis Baldwin June 03, 2004
The captain of Team Linder and possibly the greatest DJ in all of Detroit.
Did you see Linder rock that double set of Tom Sawyer?
by Denis Baldwin June 03, 2004
Combining the words "retro" and "fantastic" to describe something that looks cool and is reminiscent of stylings from decades ago.
That PT Cruiser is retro-tastic!
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
An after-hours club in Detroit, Michigan at the base of the Ramada Hotel at the corner of Cass and Bagley.

City Club runs until 4 a.m. on most nights and is geared towards the gothic subculture.
When we get all gothed up, we're going to City Club.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004

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