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4 definitions by deliciousbrains

n. 1. Similar to voyeurism, foyerism is the compulsion some people have, when invited to a party, to remain in the area immediately adjacent to the entrance and just watch everyone else.
John came to the party, but never got more than 10ft from the front door. I think he may be into foyerism.
by deliciousbrains June 04, 2009
When a woman dresses or generally behaves in a slutty fashion to get men to buy her drinks
(portmanteau of alcoholism and ho)
"Did you see that blonde at the bar?"
"See her? I bought her a drink!"
"You shouldn't support her alcohoism like that."
by deliciousbrains May 18, 2010

1) The drunk tank. Named for Gary Busey, whose recidivist alcoholism has earned him frequent membership there.
2) Also known in parts of Toronto as "The Harrington Suite" or "Harrington Arms Hotel", for similar behaviour by Joel Harrington.

"Staying in the Busey Suite"

Verb. Intr.
1) To be picked up by the police for public intoxication and having to spend the night in police custody to sober up.
"I drank so much last night that the police picked me up and I spent a night in the Busey Suite."
by deliciousbrains August 12, 2009
Query The Fucking Google!

Similar to STFU, QTFG is an response indicating annoyance at someone's inability to use Google to answer their own question.
<TotalNewb> Hey, anyone know what channel TMN is?
<HateNewbs> QTFG!
by deliciousbrains June 04, 2009