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one who possesses above-and-beyond qualities of toolishness and/or douchebaggery
Guy #1: Man, he's the biggest tool I've ever seen!
Guy #2: Yeah, he's a total power tool.
by definitively October 25, 2009
Refers to the event of the zipper of the pants bending up giving the impression of a penis in a girl's pants.

Often occurs while sitting down.
Girl: Uck, I can't stand these jeans, they always give me a pants penis when I sit down!
by definitively October 23, 2009
A Trophy Ginger is a ginger who, due to their exceptional qualities, is excused from being a ginger.
Dude, Jameson is so cool, I didn't even notice he's a ginger! Definitely a Trophy Ginger!
by definitively October 23, 2009
Female equivalent of a douchebag
Person #1: That girl's a douche.
Person #2: Yeah, what a g-bag!
by definitively October 25, 2009

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