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4 definitions by definitionalist

A person who is continously making "Biological Warfare" gas from his ass.
The Kelvinator is killing me with his poison gas.
by definitionalist August 11, 2011
the act of looking at food makes you fatter like a magnet.
All I have to do is look at fatty food and I put on an extra 5 pounds. This is psychomagnetic illness
by definitionalist November 03, 2009
One who likes girls that look so young that you think that they are illegal nubiles
Dale likes young looking girls, he is one happymeal away from being a pedofile
by definitionalist November 03, 2009
Not only is that bitch freaky, she is dying for someone to notice how freaky she is
Charlotte is flying the freak flag so that everyone knows she is wacked out!
by definitionalist November 03, 2009