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A unique name, mainly used for girls. An eccentric, bubbly and extremely loving person. Loves music, sports and excels in school, often knows more than one language. Likes compassionate, long-term relationships and hates having her heart broken. Has an average sized group of friends with a couple of friends for life. Allthough loyal, hilarious and caring, they often have something to hide. Loves to sing, soccer and hand-holding. Enjoys cooking, baking, sunsets and walks on the beach. Is beautiful in a way that is hard to describe, and doesn't seem to take compliments easily, and needs to be proven how talented she is to herself. Has big dreams and is determined to have nothing stand in her way. Loves being outdoors and sleeping in on the weekends.
Adam: Dana, I love you. You're beautiful.
Dana: Beautiful? I don't know...
Adam: Are you kidding?! You're amazing!
Dana: You think?
Adam: I know.
by deepseadiver503 March 07, 2012
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