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a rear end that is proportionatly too big for the rest of their body; usually due to added musculature , fat, or genetic prowess
Damn, that girls ghetto bootie almost knocked me over!!
by Deep April 24, 2003
Your dick, when used in a pestering manner.
Like when your pestering your wife or your bitch for sex. You take it out and start smackin their ass or the their leg.

"Put that damn pester pipe away!! I'm tired."
by deep January 02, 2005
A person who has identity in official records but basically he/she has no contacts or limited networks in the real world;a person who boasts himself/herself that he/she is influential person in the society but in reality he/she is not;a person appears to be well documented on papers but in reality he/she is ordinary/average or below average;a dreamer in a fools paradise;a naive or timid or gullible or immatured individual; too much hype created about an individual;
If you are an idlone person then job hunting will be a difficult task in today's economy;I meet several idlone people while travelling using public transport service;We made a mistake by hiring an idlone candidate for this job;Those who have idlone personalities cannot understand the nitty gritty of this trade;Studies show that girls prefer their offspring to be well brought up with their life partner having zero idlone personality traits; His father talks too much about his idlone son, that is, pretty often he mentions his son is a genius just like Einstein;
by Deep March 07, 2004
Scared-of-Pussy. A guy who is unable to handle close proximity to females and abruptly (sometimes in mid-sentence) runs away when one approaches.
Hey Deep, is your friend SOP or something?
by Deep October 02, 2003
Slang for a midget or a very very short person.
Man I was watching some midget porn the other day. Those peks are horny little bastards.
by deep January 02, 2005
Synonym for Homosexual
"some arcas mofo was up on me trying to run his flex"
by Deep May 13, 2003

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