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An underground party at a fancy hotel suite where the participants trash the place and then dash without paying.
It's like running out on a restaurant bill just much bigger
"we went to an awesome Trash and Dash at the Hilton Last Thursday"
#party #rave #hotel #pranks #teenager
by decompresion November 30, 2006
Noun, plural of Pirate of Optimization.
When a group of people come together to do a half-assed job of solving an optimization problem
"Did you see that shitty-assed Pareto of the CHP, Must have been the Pirates of Optimization."
"Yeah, those guys went to Doobie-U"
-Said while looking at the blue line
#doobie #pirate #pareto #shitty #chp #p.o. #bird watching #bavaria
by decompresion December 17, 2008
Really good day that a guy wishes upon his large haired girlfriend
I wished my big haired girlfriend a fantasmincaliciousyeahyeah day
#greeting #salutations #amazing #hair #goobers
by decompresion February 05, 2008
Noun: a variation of the "Lucky Penny"
When you randomly find a dollar bill on the street.
To have good karma, you need to use it in a good way like tip a waiter or charity and so on.
It is also recommended that you commit a federal crime by writing "Karma Dollar" somewhere on the bill.
I gave a homeless guy my Karma dollar and the next day I totally got lucky on a test.
#dollar #karma #luck #fortune #charity #pirates
by decompresion August 11, 2010
A Bispen Flyby happens when a wingsuit BASE jumper launches off a specific cliff in Norway. The wingsuit flier then flies close to a sharp bend in the road where a bunch of spectators are cheering.
A:what was your best BASE experience?
J: Doing a Bispen Flyby in Norway
A:Better that the "Pony Pass"?
J:Too close to call
#bispen #wingsuit #base #ponies #skydiving #jumping
by decompresion January 06, 2010
This is what you hear at the front of the plane before wingsuit flyers are about to do their thing
When the red light comes on in the plane.
"CheckYourGear you flocking flockers"
#wingsuit #flocking #bird men #flockers #flocku
by decompresion November 11, 2009
When one is given oral pleasure while driving
"Last night on the way to her parent house, we did some highway robbery"
#oral #blowjob #sex #driving #bj
by decompresion January 04, 2008
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