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1. Military aircraft.
2. To move silently (aka. quite warfare). Commonly used by pedophiles to lure children as well as by outnumbered hobomen to kill attacking youth gangs.
Hobo 1: I killed a gang last night for fun.
Hobo 2: you inspired me, I think I will use stealth tonight as well to kill a youth gang.

Pedo: I invented the art of stealth so that I could catch kids easier.
by DeanNJ March 19, 2007
A womans mouth.

EXP: Suck referring to a womans ability to perform oral sex on a mans penis.

Cathy: Please Paul take that large thing away from my face!

Paul: Shut up, I am going to insert it into your pretty suckhole.
by DeanNJ March 20, 2007
1. A man with an excessive fascination with the female reproductive organ. Ofthen a criminal (a rapist).

2. A term used in prison to describe a pervert/rapist of females.
Hey pussyboy, you liked raping those bitches didn't you?
by DeanNJ March 17, 2007
A Rockstar PC Game.

About a lone hobo named James Earl Cash, a man sentenced to death who becomes "revived" by a man known as The Director, to kill gangs for The Director's amusement.

James Earl Cash is also rumoured to be a pedophile and a pervert sentenced for an unknown (to the gamer) "hideous" crime.
James Earl Cash: Just shut up and stick with me if you want to stay alive! (Manhunt quote)
by DeanNJ March 19, 2007
b homo/b Rude pathetic idiot.

Doctor: I am retrded, I have the manners of a afro american.
by DeanNJ March 21, 2007

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