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a phrase used to make gangstas understand wot u r saying. can also randomly pop up anywhere where it suits the rhythm of the conversation.
Gentleman to a raging hord of gangstas and wanabees:Say chaps do you know the way to the nearest railway link why ive been wondering round for hours and one cant seem to find it anywhere
Gangsta 1: ay blud wot is manz chattin bout
gangsta 2: ahh leave im blud he just a poomplex
wanabee: yes a very bad poomplex u get me
Gentleman: i mean do you know where the nearest train station and ting is
GAngsta 1:yh safe blud its just on ur left innit aw mans is safe and ting
by deane October 15, 2007
a very good artist who is loved by all gangstas g's such as 50 cent and snoop dog are all to be qouted as saying 'any1 hu does not lyk the rhymes of tom jones is no gangsta because he is ill.
has come up with ryhms such as its not unusual, sex bomb, and the ultimate gangsta tune of you can leave your hat on
gangsta elder: listen to the bars of master Tom Jones and you will become a true gansta my son
younger gangsta:ok blud hold tyt down south ill listen to this g in between my drive-by and my nightly routine of muggin people and shouting TZ TZ blud yh u get me
gangsta elder:yes u learn quick my son

TZ= terror zone a gay bar in mitcham also a gang full of gays
by deane October 15, 2007
when one needs to use the lavatry so bad that it is unbearable and the excrement begins to touch your underwear.
Touching cloth is the stage before the term running (or rolling depending on the shape)down ur leg and after the stage of losing control of ur bowels. Touching cloth more often than not leads to stains so, heavens, please do be aware
Emma: oh gee i think im touching cloth colleen
Colleen: oh emma i do believe i am also touching cloth
Emma: yahaha yahha golly thats astounding lets go clean up
Colleen: that would be great. would you mind if i were to have a joint which i rolled this morning
Emma: why id be offended if you didnt
by deane October 15, 2007

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