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an individual suffering from psychosis and showing a delusional state, often having extreme mood swings and delusions and states of grandeur. This can be induced by amphetamine, stimulant use, cocaine use, LSD, drug withdrawls, and is often the state where one zones out and becomes separated from the real world and loses his perception of reality and lives in a delusion
yo dis bitch psychotic i think hes gonno go all out psycho on me one of these days hes scarin the hell outta me
by deandrew November 08, 2006
a person who talks like they live in the hood, goes to a hip hop store and spends all his money on anything he thinks will make himself look TOUGH, ATTTRACT GIRLS, get status and credibility throgh their fake poser qualities.
a wigger can be white or black or asian and they tend to be the guys who think they need an expencive wardrobe jus to look cool when in real life they are buying 20 for 10 cent wannabe pdiddy shades that break the next day and SUCKER THEIR MONEY AWAY TO LITTLE THINGS THAT ARE A WASTE OF THEIR MONEY and SPIT OUT LINEZ they hear OTHERS SAY they think are SO COOL when they are not like BASHING POLICE, MAKING GANGSTA TALK WHEN THEY AINT NEVA HANDLED A GUN, TALKING ABOUT THEIR NONEXISTENT GAME and posing like they are copying a PERFORMER NOT A PERSON IN THEIR REAL LIFE by using his lines and playing them out
yo check out those bitch ass white boys look like a bunch of wiggerz
by deandrew October 12, 2006
a caucasian who displays a poor upbringing by exhibiting various behaviors.
Including promiscuity, criminal behavior, lack of anger management or a work ethic, worthlessness, drug use, explicit sexual behavior and embodies pornography and hardcore inner city life. A white person who does not benefit the world and when dies the world wont miss them, and is a potential danger to others due to his careless, worthless and dangerous lifestyle in the name of sexuality, demeanor, tastes, potentially hurting other peoples lives by their influence and lack of regard for property or others.

hes such white trash, hes 23 and on PROBATION and has a kid by a 16 year old girl and just cheated on her with a stripper and tried to evade child support u kno where hes goin!!

by deandrew October 12, 2006
An individual who is antisocial because he breaks SOCIAL NORMS which either land him in prison, or result in his exploitation and abuse of others at their expense for his or her personal gain. A sociopath may or may not have a criminal record, he may or may not be sadistic, but some also have that tendency. However, they often have a few key traits. . .
They are extremely charming, manipulative, conning as they can lie and lure people, acting as their friends and then hurting them later on.

They have less guilt or remorse due to heavy abuse, lack of concience, low serotonin levels in the brain and often acting out their whole life as a normal person when they really see people as pawns on the chessboard.

They are compulsive liars and will act as a terminator, saying what they believe the victim wishes to hear, telling a victims family before an execution that the death was accidental, they are innocent, telling psychologists that the other guy did it or denying allegations.

They are often sneaky, secretive and clandestine in their persona. For example, many sociopaths will bring a gun into a store to rob the place, sneak drugs in their clothes and other various items they clearly know is illegal because they do not want to get arrested.

Many have explosive tempers, bouts of anger and no impulse control. They have abused alcohol, cocaine, pornography and frequent strip joints and rough bars where they will throw their fist in a split second over little things, they may rape a stripper in the VIP cuz they dont have control over their impulses or becuase they want to dominate and control the woman due to their lack of regard for others.

They are EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE PEOPLE. By this i mean that sociopaths will stalk, predatorize and pursue their goals very extensively, manipulating a chick they know to spend time with them....so they can rape them and smother them with a pillow and put them in a suitcase and drag it out the door at 3AM where they clearly know safe spots to dispose of them, OFTEN SAYING DISPARGING AND HOSTILE REMARKS AND GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY TO SABOTOGUE ANYONE WHO ANGERS THEM, dominating things and bullying others to get what they want.

Sociopaths can have severe trouble in a relationship, but its not always the case. They can have trouble making friends, but some are extremely caristhmatic and conning. A 19 year old man who dropped out of hs and left juve will often have friends, but these people may also be sociopaths or buddies of theirs who are unaware of their lifestyle due to the secrecy and mentality of their offenses. NOT ALL SERIAL KILLERS AND MASS MURDERERS ARE SOCIOPATHS SOME MAY BE SADISTIC OR BORDERLINE OR PSYCHOTIC OR OTHER PERSONALITY DEFECTS
(wade) in river wild, Ted Bundy, Danny Rolling, Richard Ramirez, Mike Tyson, Marcas Wesson, Scott Peterson, Judy Buenoano, Suge Knight, John Wayne Gacy, the kidnapper cop in Ransom, Charles Mansen, Jack the Ripper, Lizzy Borden are all sociopaths and many villians in movies are specifically portrayed as sociopaths
by deandrew November 08, 2006
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