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8 definitions by dead

an expression, action, or appearance of a nigger.
"Wow that white guy is wear baby blue, thats pretty niggish."
by Dead September 22, 2005
31 10
Multiple wounds inflicted on to a person, causing death or severe pain
Mutilation: Dislimb, Gutting, Slicing, Cutting
by DEAD May 05, 2003
35 15
A dollop of sperm.
What's for dinner? Well.. how about I serve you up some man pudding bitch?
by Dead April 22, 2003
25 13
Big curly pubes
As I showered I noticed several clock springs attached to the soap.
by Dead April 22, 2003
8 0
either not real, not possible or unfuckingbeliveble
You must be straight trippin' dawg.
by Dead September 10, 2003
9 2
when a virus is screwing your system all over
"has the virus-scanner cleared it?"
"No, the thing's all over it"
by Dead July 23, 2003
1 0
1. The "Process" of tainting the moral purity of a muslim person. This is usually carried out by people with no ties or links to a muslim background. This process is lengthy and involves coarsing the individual into taking small amounts of items forbidden by that individual's morals, ethics or religion, such as Alcohol.
2. Where an individual decides to re-participate in "bad habits", or decides to do something "naughty" or take part in events or situations deemed "naughty" >:D .
1. Azer drank the alcohol given to him by Satsoc and was haramified by this haramification.
2. After 2 weeks of not going to the pub, Nohj decided it was time for some haramification.
by DeaD April 10, 2003
6 5