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A very sexy man who an arab equivalent to the oldspice man.
Alice: "yeaa he is such a farris!"
by NewSpice September 02, 2010
:(v),(n) This is a slang word meaning to eat out a woman or to oraly pleasure her.
Ex:I Farrissed her until she was moaning at the top of her lungs last night!

Ex:Nothing arrouses her more than when I Farris her, stimulating her whole body!
by Mexigger August 07, 2009
a strange and different name for a strange and different person. ginger. with ginger freckles.

obsesses over one direction and loves hollister, stands by her friends always and has such a fun personality. everybody that knows her loves her! just wanna eat her up
ferrari fox, thats farri!
by nhollas April 27, 2011
The smell on your fingers when you've been fingering your arsehole all night.
"I woke up and the farris was wafting."
by Krrrrd September 08, 2011
to make super conservative; to lame-ify the unlamable.
-Do you wanna go out and get some ass for free from your girlfriend?
-No, I have a 12 point check list I need to accomplish it. Sorry I have to farris guys.
by I live in Ohio June 21, 2006
fat and hairy (lots of skin hair)
Me: have you seen steven? he is so farri
Friend: I know, he is rather unattractive as well.
by roundar March 06, 2015
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