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a) Great or wild newbishness.
b) A wildly newbish act.

(newbacy ©® Ranger 2004)
<Dramicus> i want to keep (windows) 98
<dbm> why in gods name would you want to do that?
<Ranger> Idiocy?
<Ranger> Lunacy?
<Ranger> Newbacy?
by dbm February 07, 2004
To Take A Toke On A Smoking Device Or Joint.
"He's Honking On His Crack Pipe."
by DBM January 18, 2005
The act of rising above all obstacles with an unfathomable and incomprehensible solution and outcome. This is a given to all Directors named Shane R.
Dude, WTF, you just went all beastmode on that, you have got to be Shane!
by dBm November 10, 2014

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