3 definitions by dbm

The act of rising above all obstacles with an unfathomable and incomprehensible solution and outcome. This is a given to all Directors named Shane R.
Dude, WTF, you just went all beastmode on that, you have got to be Shane!
by dBm November 10, 2014
To Take A Toke On A Smoking Device Or Joint.
"He's Honking On His Crack Pipe."
by DBM January 18, 2005
a) Great or wild newbishness.
b) A wildly newbish act.

(newbacy ©® Ranger 2004)
<Dramicus> i want to keep (windows) 98
<dbm> why in gods name would you want to do that?
<Ranger> Idiocy?
<Ranger> Lunacy?
<Ranger> Newbacy?
by dbm February 07, 2004

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