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21 definitions by davo

Someone with an incredibaly large head
If there head looks to big for thier body they are a beef head
by Davo September 09, 2003
9 5
The act of eporleum.
He eporleated and eporleated til he no longer had the balls to continue.
by Davo March 26, 2004
2 0
Verb. To throw a chair (at someone).
In his more atrabilious moods, Sidewinder would attempt to cathedrate those around him.
by Davo October 13, 2003
3 1
1. A jock strap that is too tight to be allowed.

2. A jock strap that traces its origins to the numbchucks as street brawl weapons
1. The man's choke strap turned damp and scarlet after much strenuous exercise.

2. There were 3 guys in an alley way. One guy had a gun. One guy had a knife. They got their asses kicked by the guy with the choke strap.
by Davo April 09, 2004
1 0
The worst pair of shoes ever created. (They fold at the arch of the foot! My friend almost busted his foot in one!)
1. For travel conveniences, I wore my VC III's and folded my I3 Playoff II's into the trunk.

2. That company folded like the I3 Playoff II's...
by Davo March 27, 2004
3 3
Used as a verb. To strike someone with a glass or bottle. Ie, to glass someone.
Just as he was about to throw a chair, Sidewinder was silicated.
by Davo October 13, 2003
1 1
when gays fuck, i.e. poo jam, or pound thier lightsabers in the stank cave
them gays keep beefin it up
by davo January 11, 2005
5 9