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a frustration boner usually happens when someone is losing at any kind of event, such as a video game. your testosterone is quickly channeled into your penis, causing you to sport a brand new boner fueled by your angry testosterone rush.
after i got stuck with a grenade in halo, i was forced to excuse myself from the game to relieve my frustration boner.
by davidthemurderer January 22, 2006
the most intense game you will ever play. to play the phone game, one must sit by a phone, preferably one used to reach many people such as a family's home phone. as soon as someone calls, without looking at the caller ID, immediatly pick up the phone, scream into it as loud as you can, using a swear if you want, and hang up immediatly. then check the caller ID to see who it was that called you.
the phone game is the best game you will ever play.
by davidthemurderer August 22, 2006

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