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4 definitions by davidleefan

part of the loser baaahston red saaaawx. blabbermouth...never shuts up...bad mouthing people constantly; one who has an opinion on everything. Curt claimed to have a "bloody sock" during the 2004 World Series playoffs, but is probably lying. George Bush lover.
Mark won't shut up, he's being a Curt Schilling.

"What did Curt Schilling say today?"
"Nothing new, just criticizing people...what else is new?"
"Riiight. I stopped listening awhile ago."
by davidleefan February 29, 2008
a ballhog; someone who takes all the shots and refuses to pass to david lee; a disgruntled power forward from the new york knicks, will be traded eventually, out of the disaster Isiah Thomas has created.
May won't pass me the ball, she's being such a Zach Randolph!
by davidleefan February 29, 2008
an incredibly beautiful man; model-like looks; amazing quarterback
Oh my gosh, you're so hot! You look like Tom Brady!
by davidleefan February 29, 2008
someone without any experience;oprah lover. annoying; the next jimmy carter- nice guy, no experience.
I don't have any previous experience playing pool.
It's okay, Barack Obama doesn't have any experience either.
by davidleefan February 29, 2008