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Passé. Outmoded. Shopworn. Stale. No longer fashionable or trendy.

Did you see the feathered hairdo on that girl? My God, that look is so over!

Yes, I used to love that TV show, but now I'm really over it.
by david lincoln brooks March 24, 2006
An example of the rhetorical trope of LITOTES (understatement), This is the delicate response one gives to someone who, in a group setting, suddenly blurts out information which is extremely personal, unusually revealing, and possibly unique to that individual. It comes from settings like group psychological counseling or 12-step groups, in which such highly personal testimonies are followed by the Moderator's cool "thanks for sharing." said smoothly-- no matter how disturbing or shocking or incredible was the confession that preceded it. This catchphrase may well have originated from the 1980's TV sitcom, BOB, which starred comedian Bon Newhart as a psychiatrist.
12-step member: "Hi, My name is Marcia."

Group: "Hi, Marcia."

Marcia: I just want to say I'm glad I'm here tonight, I'm a child of incest, I'm a heroin addict and I just murdered my husband"

Moderator: (Smiling benignly, completely calmly) Thanks for sharing, Marcia.
by david lincoln brooks September 22, 2008
A place on a drug addict's body where he can be sure to always find a vein with his syringe needle... in order to successfully inject intravenously illicit drugs like heroin, crystal meth or cocaine.
Hmm.. I'm not getting a blood register in my syringe anywhere today! Let me try the back of my hand; I have a real honey hole there.
by david lincoln brooks January 02, 2010
An aparatchik is someone who enters a pre-existing human hierarchy (like a corporation, a government or an online Forum) purely for egotistical reasons of his/her own. In other words, they have no sympathy or interest in THE ORIGINAL TOPIC OR CAUSE for which the corporation, government or forum was created; rather, they simply see the hierarchy as a ladder by which they can cynically achieve their own selfish aims (money, power, visibility, etc.)
The city politics of Finetown used to be so interesting, as its founders were passionate crusaders who truly wanted to create a utopia; today, however, Finetown's council is filled with bored aparatchiks who just seek to get ahead and make money without accomplishing anything.
by david lincoln brooks January 25, 2009
This millennial update of the Swingin' 60's "Whatever turns you on" is a little bit more cynical, yet more open to so-called alternative lifestyles. Truly a "post-porn" phrase, it refers to the internal visualizations one does as fantasy to induce sexual arousal and ultimately, orgasm ("home"). Loosely, it can mean "Whatever makes you happy" or "There's no accounting for taste."
Gossip #1: Have you seen his new wife? She's half his age, and he insisted that she have breast implants done, and that she bleach her hair blonde!"

Gossip #2: Wow. Whatever takes you home, I guess, hmm?


Man #1: I'm painting my house canary yellow... What do you think?

Man #2: Whatever takes you home.
by david lincoln brooks March 24, 2006
A sarcastic rejoinder feigning gentle surprise at another person's naive, glib, obvious, half-baked or banal observation. (abbrev. of "Do you really think so?") cf.DUH
Person #1: "Gee... outfitting all my bridesmaids in Vera Wang and Manolo Blahniks might eat into my bridal budget..." Person #2: "Ya thank??"
by david lincoln brooks September 14, 2005
Taken from the world of commercial perfume sales, a gateway fragrance is a perfume or cologne which is inexpensive and often cheap-smelling, which serves to introduce a novice fragrance wearer to the wider world of fine-- and more expensive-- fragrances. The idea is that the "gateway fragrance" will intrigue the wearer into purchasing a more sophisticated, expensive fragrance the next time they shop.
"I bought my teenage sister some Britney Spears CURIOUS for her birthday... Someday she may wear CHANEL No.5, but this will be a good gateway fragrance for her."

"Sure, JEAN NATÉ is inexpensive. But it smells good, and it's a great gateway fragrance."
by david lincoln brooks November 30, 2006

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