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the corporate powers that rule Seattle (one of America's most corrupt cities), along with their various "gatekeepers," including the politicians they have installed in office, the media and various phony activists
Bill Gates is a Seattle Mafia kingpin.
by David Blomstrom May 15, 2006
A term that describes phony corporate philanthropists, particularly Bill Gates, who is closely linked with pResident George W. Bush.
So how much money will Bill Gates invest in his own investment firm before people realize he's actually a pHilanthropist?
by David Blomstrom October 03, 2007
Hugo Chavez is a charismatic, strong-willed and courageous political reformer who, as President of Venezuela, has probably done more to fight corporate corruption, promote socialism and unite Latin America against its traditional enemy, the United States, than any other living person.
Wouldn't it be great if Hugo Chavez would turn his guns on George W. Bush's friend and benefactor, software terrorist Bill Gates, inspiring some blowback in the form of a Latin American Microsoft boycott that could spread around the world?
by David Blomstrom April 18, 2008

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