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A enormous bowl used for eating, as typified by Jethro Bodine on the Beverly Hillbillies T.V. show.
I went to a restaurant for some soup and sushi, but they gave be a Jethro bowl for the soup, so I had to take the sushi to-go.
by davezawislak December 17, 2008
A small demand in a detailed contract that creates an easily testable adherence and understanding of the details.
David Lee Roth inserted a concert contract stipulation about having a bowl of m&ms back stage, with no brown m&ms, to see how careful the stage managers would handle the electrical aspects of stage show.
by davezawislak January 05, 2010
A person on a diet just considing of liquids or foods processed to a liquid consistancy.
After breaking my jaw, I couldn't chew any food, so I became a liquidarian drinking thru a straw for 12 weeks.
by davezawislak November 04, 2013
A body, usually a governmental entity, that exists solely to make difficult the receiving of permission for an action which should be simple, but required.
I need to work in 4 Canadian provinces, so I need to get work permission from each burrocracy, not just the Canadian government.
by davezawislak April 01, 2010
A house in such bad shape that it would be easier and more cost effective to bulldoze it.
Sure, you could lay new flooring and put in new windows, but it's would still be a Caterpillar house.
by davezawislak May 30, 2009

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