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When a male or she-male dips their scrotum sack in poop, and then proceeds to smear the defecation on another persons upper lip by dragging their nut sack across their face. The chocolate nut-stash is the twiztid cousin of the dirty Sanchez, but of coarse takes more skill to pull off.
Jon : "I scared Lucy so badly last night that she shit her pants. While she was changing pants, i wiped her shitty pants on my nut sack, and then proceeded to give her a chocolate nut-stash. Now she asks for one every night, gotta love that shit"

Sam : "man i was just snoozing on the couch and was rudely woken up by my roommate giving me a chocolate nut-stash, worst wake up call ever!"
by daveycrocketmothafucka August 19, 2011
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