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1. After you get done masturbating and there is sperm on your hand and body then you go to wash it off and when you thought you got it all off after a while you will see a crusty layer of dried up cum on your stomach or thumb.

2. Crusted up jizz.

3. Dried up layer of sperm after showering.
"I masturbated and then showered and dried off and when I went downstairs to eat dinner a had jizzdue all over my stomach and thumb!"
by davekicker31 June 25, 2009
1. male jizz that has stuck to body after it is settled for a while.
"After i masturbated I watched some tv for a while. Then about ten minutes later I stood up to wash off. The gewp was hard to get off with a kleenex."
by davekicker31 June 25, 2009
1. The sperm that has not fully come out of your penis and when you go to pee you see some sperm come out with your pee that has stuck inside the shaft of your cock.

2. Cum stuck in shaft of your dick that become visible when peeing.

3. Jizz and pee mixed when you piss because it was stuck in your shaft.
GUY: "God damnit dude I almost couldn't even pee because I had stickcum in my cock!"

FRIEND OF GUY: "Should of pissed right after you hooked up with that chick then."
by davekicker31 July 01, 2009

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