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A term used to define the way one feels the morning after a night of smoking, eating, or by any means ingesting cannabis (Similar to what a hangover is for alcohol). Some symptoms of being "crusted" may include a dry mouth, pasty-feeling skin, slight dizziness, tiredness, and an overall feeling of lethargy and apathy.
Dude, I smoked a huge amount of weed last night! I was so crusted this morning, I couldn't get out of my bed for hours!
by Uh_Huh_Man May 28, 2010
To get crusted is to get very high through the process of smoking Marijuana.
I am so crusted right now.
I am too crusted to move.
Would you like to get crusted tomorrow night?
by GThane August 18, 2010
dissed, "burnt", busted, shot down in flames
The teacher put the smart-alec kid back in his place with a bitingly savage put-down. "Ah.... CRUSTED!" we cried out, laughing at him.
by Ian James January 04, 2005
Same as owned, salted, pwned, etc.
- "I no scoped the shit of that noob on CoD..."
- "That dude got crusted"
by ShaD0wW June 14, 2010
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