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3 definitions by dave. the man

when u stick ur dong between the couchions of the couch to pleasure yourself.
wow, my back is sore because i was up cushion-wedging all night on this tiny couch.
by dave. The Man January 31, 2007
while fucking a woman doggy-style: when you are about to cum, you pull out and sandwich your penis between her buttcheeks, thus creating the image of a hot dog in a bun and expel your seed all over her lower back.
friend1: yo man i gave that girl a ballpark hot dog at the party last night! it was sick!
friend2: No wayyyyy dude! im so proud of you! *high five*
by dave. the man August 07, 2011
to have sex with someones gaged ear lobe. the only possible way of have ear sex.
- that girl is so slutty she prolly even takes it in the ear.
- in the ear?!? is that even possible?
- yeah in the ear lobes, its called lobal sex.
by dave. The Man March 09, 2008