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4 definitions by dave williams

this describes that which is difficult to describe, a term meaning a piece of machinery which has no place in this world
i tried to configure that SSL jiggerypokery and the fucker was buggered
by dave williams September 22, 2004
21 8
acronym for Narly Old Dude or Narley Old Dude, the guy over 40 still mixing it up with the 20-something's, the one with the mountian bike, surfboard, skateboard, guitar, he's running, he's in the gym, still competitive in nature, and probably dating your girlfriend.
Hey, anybody can do this in their twenties, but that guy's a NOD.
by Dave Williams October 16, 2003
10 7
generic term for a mechanical device
the carburetta jiggery pokery was not working
by dave williams September 22, 2004
2 1
The area of skin between a mans scrotum and asshole. Usually used in a threatening statement.
I'm going to punch/kick you in the grundy.
by Dave Williams November 28, 2004
13 16