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any EMT, Firefighter, Rescue worker who enjoys his job simply for the pleasures of:

A - Hearing their own voice on the radio
B - Using the lights and sirens on the ambulance/firetruck
C - Using lights and sirens on their personal vehicle
D - A lifetime subscription to Galls because of the sheer amount of stuff ordered from them
E - Having more stuff on their workbelt then Batman
F - Only showing up (whether they were dispatched or not) for 'good' calls (car rollovers, structure fires, High angle rescues)
Greg Pisello is such a frikin' whacker!
by Dave K December 06, 2003
when you travel from the far left lane all the way to the exit ramp in one quick motion

Often done on the NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway
That guy scared the shit out of me when he did a jersey slide in front of me.
by Dave K July 23, 2004
When you are driving on the highway and shift across all the lanes in either direction.

Similar to a jersey slide
Im in the right lane and i want to pass everyone, I think I'll do a california lane change to the left and then a jersey slide to exit
by Dave K July 23, 2004
The sport of driving through an apple orchard at approximately 15-25 mph with your car windows open, and grabbing as many apples as you can without getting hit in the face by the branches.

Note: This sport was invented by Ike Vinpa, and he has the certificate to prove it
We almost got hurt last week when we went extreme apple picking
by Dave K January 16, 2004
1. A person who intentionally spends an elaborate amount of time taking drink orders from a table that is tipping extremely well at that time.

2. May or may not be at the loss to other servers.
Adam is a fucking tip whore. He keeps hanging around that guy who is throwin money around.
by Dave K October 15, 2004
Jews who are very strict in the way they follow judaism

aka. Orthodox jews, ultra-orthodox jews

Origin of word: A south park episode term that was adapted by myself
I went to synagouge today and hung out with my jewsian friends
by Dave K November 03, 2004
The Quint Truck is both a Pumper Truck and a Ladder Truck. "Quint" means "five" and this truck has five main items: 1. a pump, 2. water tank, 3. hose, 4. ground ladders, and 5. an aerial ladder.
Fair Lawn Fire Co. 2 has a quint, and they are truckie wannabies...'specially Zak
by Dave K July 23, 2004

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