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A highly priced brand of tires charaterized by their whitewalls and gold ring.
He has a cadillac sittin on vogues.
by Dat Dude November 30, 2003
(v.) Synonym for "fuck off"... Most commonly used by Hayfield Secondary's Adam Stern
Max: Hey Adam do you want to hear my new rap?

Adam: (with blank look on his face) Screw off....
by Dat Dude February 01, 2005
(n.) A synonym for the biggest pothead alive.
Timmy: Johnny, stop smoking weed before you turn into a Max H

Johnny: Damn are you serious? I'm gonna give this shit up!
by Dat Dude January 28, 2005
(n.) The Penis Man does not have a specific definition, but it can be used when describing a weird person or in most cases, Maxwell Ritz Cracker.
The Penis Man has struck again!
by Dat Dude February 05, 2005
A girl with pointy tits
Eww that bitch had scurvy curves
by Dat Dude February 04, 2005
Uttered in a moment of pure stupidity, usually around two or three in the morning. Means, in simple english, "Suck My Penis Tonight You Rotten Sex Fiend."
Michael: "Dude, it's two in the damn mornin."
by dat dude June 10, 2004
120 ounces of cocaine
Im the king of moving chickens.
by Dat Dude November 30, 2003

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