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2 definitions by darthdinn

Expression, during holiday times, referring to the male emission, particularly of gay men. Heterosexuals use terms like "babybatter" and "wad".
‎"They fill up glasses with each person’s devil juice (gay eggnog) and pass the cups around and they try and guess which gay nectar belongs to who. The loser ends up having to be the power bottom for the night." christwire.org
by darthdinn December 22, 2011
Balls. Junk. The stuff hanging from yer hips, if youre a guy. (or some girls too. All depends.) The male sex organs. They can sometimes be smelly.
Gays will find any excuse to lick the musky candy sack of another man, so now the gays are openly walking around with mistletoe strategically placed above their holly jollies in hopes that trains of suckling street homos will line up to give their package a peck under their zipper’s mistletoe. --christwire.org
by darthdinn December 22, 2011