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My friend, what you have just said is very strange and disturbing, in a bad way. I think you may require psychiatric help.
Bob: Everyone describe their ultimate sexual fantasy!
Fred: I want to be fucked by two dickgirls.
Sean: I wanna shag a dog.
Bob: Threesome with Victoria Beckham and Cher
Sean: Dude that's just wrong.
by Darth Ridley November 01, 2006
Syonymous with fry-up. A meal extremely high in fat, generally eaten as a special indulgence. Invented by overworked Irish farmers, who needed to clog their arteries so that they could die early and get some rest.

Consists of sausages, rashers, eggs, haggis-like pudding, mushrooms, toast, and sometimes beans. Rowers on the way to a regatta or head in the early morning often buy rolls filled with the full Irish to stave off hunger pangs which result from waking up at 5am.

The English stole it and added fried bread. this disgusting mutant is termed the full English breakfast, and should not be confused with the real thing.

Should also not be confused with an Irish breakfast, which is oysters and Guinness.
While you're in Ireland, why not try a full Irish breakfast?
by Darth Ridley November 04, 2006
A vegetarian who consumes dairy products - in other words, a vegetarian. The 'lacto' is redundant, because all true vegetarians have no qualms about dairy - the word vegan is already in existence for those that do.
Charlie: I'm making grilled cheese, you want some?
David: You eat CHEESE? And you call youself a vegetarian?
Charlie: Uh, yeah. Cheese isn't meat, so it's OK for us to eat it.
David: No it isn't! Being a vegetarian means you can't eat animal products at all.
Charlie: No, that's wrong. You're thinking of vegans.

Charlie is a lacto-vegetarian, and David is a vegan. Neither of these two people are real.
by Darth Ridley April 27, 2007
A group of academics who exclusively cite each other and nobody else.

Rare in science, but surprisingly common in arts and humanities.
Mary's research on sexuality in Victorian times ran into a snag when she hit a citation circle and couldn't get out.
by Darth Ridley December 22, 2006
A vegetarian who eats eggs. Even those who become vegetarians for moral reasons can eat eggs, because those sold as food are not fertilised and can thus never develop into birds.
Alice: Can I get some egg salad over here?
Bob: Egg salad? I thought you were a vegetarian.
Alice: I'm an ovo-vegetarian, actually.
by Darth Ridley April 27, 2007
RAG week - the RAG stands for 'Raising And Giving,' 'Raise A Grand,' or general funness depending on who you ask. Whatever it is, it is theoretically supposed to be about students raising money for charity in various creative ways, while having fun at the same time.

Increasingly, however, it is simply a week-long orgy of alcohol.
Damo: Doing anything for RAG week?
Bob: I'm gonna get totally pissed on Guinness and shrooms.
Damo: Sweet! What about you, Jack?
Jack: I'm thinking of doing a spinsored bungee jump and giving the money to Oxfam...Say, would you guys sponsor me.
Damo and Bob: No way! We need that money to get wasted!
by Darth Ridley November 12, 2006
Alternative to zombie Jesus for use in the presence of Christians.
Sweet vampire Buddha, that's a huge crucufix you're wearing!

Jane: I graduated with a first.
John: Sweet vampire Buddha, that's incredible!
by Darth Ridley March 21, 2007
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