49 definitions by darren

slang for shit
that girl is the shizzle
by darren December 14, 2003
Used as part of a sigh when something is unfortunate or worthy of despair.
Jesse: Sucker! That's checkmate!
Eric: Awww....plumpy.
by Darren April 18, 2003
1. a name given to Americans that talk alot of shit, have monstrous horse teeth and complain about everything.

2. a term often used when talking to or about Jake Bryant
dont tell that sepo Jake that where going to the party
by darren June 27, 2004
The art of slapping yo dick upside yo biotch's head.
Dammit u ho i told ya to suck it or im gonna dickslap yo skanky ass!
by Darren April 03, 2003
Someone who likes riding the old pink pogo stick.
"Yeah, he's a bit of a knob jockey, if you know what I mean....."
by Darren November 26, 2001
Barbara Streisand

nickname common amongst male homosexuals.
like ohmigawd, we're going to see Bab's new movies. her hair is so fabulououous!!!
by darren December 31, 2004
the shit fucken pimpish person to walk the earth total pimp shit
damn he is poko!
by Darren March 06, 2004
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