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An insult to be aimed at any annoying person. Originated as cuntface but evolved into what you see now.
"Shut up you stupid fucking cuntchops"
"Get outta my way cuntchops"
by Darren July 04, 2004
German expression that means F*** like the bunnies.
Do you want to ficken wie die hasen?
by Darren March 29, 2004
Sex, to have sex, or to want sex.
omg seckz plzz!!!!11
by Darren September 28, 2003
Originated at firm(s) in Bristol
Originally used to describe the suspicious day off 'sick' the fabled Disco would have after a heavy drinking session.

Phrase now covers any suspicious sick days, particularly when person was fine the day before and seems fine the day after.

Basically, you take a disco day when you can't be fucked to go to work.
by Darren December 07, 2004
Male genitalia/cock
"You f***ing spam javelin!"
by Darren November 26, 2001
Female genitalia
"I saw her spam hatch"
by Darren November 26, 2001
Sperm, each one a possible child
I squirted my liquid kids all over her face.
by Darren July 21, 2004

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