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A large (~35,000 students) public university in Denton, Texas. Known for its art, music, philosophy, education and psychology programs. Home to the 4 time grammy nominated One'O Clock Lab Band, the school's jazz program has been ranked #1 in the nation every year since 1994, when News and World Report started ranking jazz programs.

Science and engineering at the school has traditionally taken a back seat to the arts and soft sciences, however recently the school has created a large research compound north of campus and greatly expanded its scientific research budget.

It also has a notoriously bad football team, a vibrant local music scene and an overpopulation of hippies/hipsters.
Yea dude, this weekend i hung with my bro up at University of North Texas and after we went to the arts and jazz festival we smoked some shrooms and rolled around on the courthouse lawn.
by darkwhiteguy August 20, 2009

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