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The cost of chatting shit. Lie and you will be charged!
Hmmm... Did you know that frogs also come in strawberry and chocolate varieties?

Ermmmm £1 bullshit tax please!

They do

Interest rates are rising quickly! BST + VAT that's £1.50

Ok... i was lying

that's a pound then please!
by darKsparK March 30, 2006
To be unfactual. People who don't listen, have ears full of shit and a gobfull too. ie. a bullshitter, non-listener, and a self righteuous w*nkstain.
Him (not naming people!): Look at you drama llama
Me: There is no way i'm a drama llama, shut up! Prove it neway!
Him: See!
Me: What that's not proof
Him: Just look at you
Me: shut up you unfactualistic fuck

by darKsparK March 30, 2006
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