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The sexiest,most amazingly beautifully stunning, woman ever!
She is a fantastic actress and makes The Notebook acceptable for men to watch.

Any real heterosexual (straight) guy would give anything to get with her. Any girl would do anything to look even somewhat like the angel she is.

As concluded below, only homosexual guys who have serious brain issues would not find her amazing!
Guy 1: Rachel McAdams is so fuckin hot, I want her bad!
Guy 2: I know man, shes perfect!
Douche: What are you talking about shes just ok.
Guy 1: WTF! Your a gay bestiality lover what do you know?
Guy 2: Ya go fuck your dog, or go to a insane asylum!
Douche: Ok. (Proceeds to go fuck his dog and shit his pants)
by danielge123 February 21, 2010

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